Monday, June 18, 2012

T- zero

I have to say that I am really grateful for our time out east.  

I will miss my friends so much. I really have a fabulous group of smart, caring, and wonderfully supportive people here.  

I'll miss how green everything is and having all four seasons.

I'll miss how much every achievement is celebrated because in Philly you have to fight for everything.

I'm going to miss turnpikes,  township lines, villages, rolling farm country, the shore, living close to a real city, the Poconos, cheesesteaks, rare livestock, auctions, and being surrounded by so much history.   

I have lived here longer than any other one place in my entire life.

Here we've had good times, and hard times but never bad times.

Goodbye Philadelphia. 


Sarah said...

Ban- what an exciting time. Such a wonderful feeling for sure. It feels like forever ago we left that place. What a great year we have had. GOod luck with all. WOuld love to come visit in August when we are in UTah.

teresa said...

i know how you feel, and i didn't even live there as long. philly leaves an impression that i don't believe you can get anywhere else. safe travels!!