Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day #9

Today was a great day.  I ate my favorite breakfast, the dinner of my choice, a great dessert, and got presents from the kids.

Present #1

My mother in law got me a necklace in this box about five years ago.  Today it contained an adjustable ring with a very large pink plastic jewel in it.  Sadly, a yo-yo had to die in the presentation of this gift but on the flip side somebody is getting very good at tying bows. 

Gift #2
I have finally gotten my very first coupon book made by a child.  I expected "one free hug", "one special date", or "helping with dishes", etc.  Both my husband and I were surprised to see that these vouchers offered something oh, so much better. 

Such a nice little cover.  The sun is shining and it's stapled on one side to keep the coupons in book form.

...but wait.  It seems that the rules of coupon book creation have been broken.

I asked him if he could put another zero on that number for me when dad wasn't looking.  
But wait, it gets even better.

WOW!  Forget Mother's Day, this could now be mother's week and a half.  
The funny thing was that the 'task master' didn't seem to think there was anything wrong with this system. 

Finally I also got some wonderful books on sheep, goat, and cow care that I'm sure will be indispensable.  Hands down the best mother's day I've had to date.


Beadles said...

Absolutely love the coupon book. What a great idea! That is one to keep for the next generation...

Derek and Kristen said...

So funny. I love that dad gets the brunt! I keep meaning to email you about a jelly roll you once taught me to make (but I have since forgotten). Hope all is well!! Kristen