Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ticking Time Bomb

Here she is, my beautiful future cow Blackie.  Don't let this photo deceive you, she in only 41 inches tall so her back is level with the waist of my jeans.

She is due to calf any day now and is a Jersey so we expect incredible milk.  She is halter broken and can be hand or machine milked.  We expect between 2-4 gallons a day (depending on if we leave the calf on her or not). 

If she has a heifer calf it will come with her to our house, if it's a bull calf then she will sadly leave him behind.  When she arrives she should be bred back so we'll have a calf to look forward to next year.  

C'mon Blackie, let's get that baby out already!

(When she calves I'll post an update.  She is starting to bag up so it's coming!)

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