Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First Things First

Could I just start by saying that I'm not really a rural person.  I like the serenity and beauty of the country/farm existence, but to date I have not really lived on a property that also had serious, real, livestock.  When I was teeny tiny there were two neglected shetlands on our property, and then I stayed with my grandma for a few short weeks one summer and then there was the whole 'back yard poulty' adventure.  Sooo I think the closest thing that I've had to farm living was probably the back yard poultry which lasted 2 summers and took place in Philadelphia county.  Not super farm-y.

The property we are moving to is is 1 acre but has an adjacent lot that is around 1/2 acre that we are free to use.   It seems like it will be a MUCH better transition into homestead life than some bigger.  

There is a duck breeder in Michigan who I have been watching for about 2 years.  She almost never sells ducklings and claims that this is her first offer during that whole time.  When I saw the 'for sale' I just had to buy all 8!  They arrived USPS today and although they were not cheap, they are beautiful specimens of the breed and are show quality birds.  Wonderful and birds to start a breeding program :o)

I assured the postal carrier that they wouldn't be kept in the apartment and we were moving to a farm. Turns out he is trying to move to a farm himself!

Homestead count so far
1 goat
1 sheep
15 chickens
9 laying ducks
1 goose
and these 8 "perching waterfowl".

p.s. Blackie hasn't calved yet!


Lauralee said...

Absolutely adorable!

Dorothea said...

Make way for ducklings! ;) I'm sure you'll make an awesome homesteader!