Monday, January 23, 2012

Back in the Saddle

Well I did make the baby's quilt since I have a free minute a couple of weeks ago... oh did I say 'make' a quilt? I mean finish a quilt vision with fabric purchased 2 years ago. Here are the pics. I have a lot of organizing to do before we move. I also had a layer cake of this same fabric which I plan on using for a larger slightly less simple version of this same quilt for my other son.


NancyP said...

Bann - you are f*ing amazing. I am awed by what you are doing. The funny thing is that people say the same thing about me and how I am handling Doug's cancer but I don't have little kids, I have a full time job but they are very understanding, and I swear the whole cancer thing would be 1000 times worse if it were my child rather than my husband.

I do completely understand the whole "go get the blood checked, hope the levels are high enough to go and get my loved one pumped full of killer drugs" thing. It's a great day when the numbers come back in your favor. I hope they continue to.

She is such a wonderful little girl. I wish you all the best. I know that each day is completely different and unpredictable. All our love to you and your family.


simplyYMajul said...

Hello Bann,
I read your previous blogg where you mention someone used Lizzie's pics with out your authorization. Have you moved her progress updates to another webpage?
ps. love your quilts! I (tried) made two... however, they don't even come close to yours... and I would probably get fined if I showed them :)