Friday, March 23, 2012

Long Time Coming

Today I did something I've been wanting to do for over seven years. I bought a merino lamb.  She is the first official purchase for the homestead which begins in less than 4 months.  I've been searching the country and emailing breeders trying to find something that is available and affordable that also fits my requirements (ewe, white, show quality, <20 micron count fleece).

Here she is.  White merino ewe lamb 4 months old. 
Twin. 9 lbs at birth currently 70 lbs from two white parents.
I got my pick from 16 white ewe lambs.  I looked through the pics and info and this little girls stood out to me on the first pass.  After creating an XL spreadsheet comparing all info she actually ended up statistically being the best choice.  While I'd like to think I have a 'good eye' for something I know nothing about, it turns out that this is just the sheep for me :o) 

The plan is to use a black ram for her first breeding to eventually produce different colored kids to provide a nice variety of wool colors.  She will arrive in a little over a month.  My husband said I should buy a brown ram lamb at the same time (such an enabler) but I think I'd like to start small so it doesn't get overwhelming.  We are going tomorrow to see other animals so for now our sheep count will happily stay at 1.

*If you live in Pennsylvania it is a very good time to buy sheep since serious breeders from all over the country will be attending the Sheep & Wool fair in Maryland and come from near and far and will bring you animals for a small fee. 

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simplyYMajul said...

wow Bann, thats exiting. on the other hand,I am still going back and forth with raising chickens (I received your advice on this). Wladymir wants to buy a goat, since according to him it will mow (eat) the lawn so he doesn't have to do it -we have a big back yard. Does your new place have land in the back to keep the sheep? or they don't need that much space? good luck with your sheep :)