Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's official...I am a mom

Okay, so it was official about 7 years ago but I have recently surrendered to motherhood. There were a few signs along the way that let me know I had arrived. Here is my personal list. (If anybody reads this please feel free to add your own insights as comments)

You know your a mother when...
  • You've taken a phone message with a jumbo crayon on a napkin
  • Your secret dream is of a government program that awards $0.05 for every time you have to touch poo. Can you say millions?
  • You lie down for your doctor's exam and before they begin they say, "you have a sticker on your sock, would you like me to remove it for you?"
  • You find non-edible items with small human bite marks in them e.g. a bar of soap, a sponge, barbie's feet, play dough, erasers, etc.... the list goes on and on.
  • Tidying your front hallway require the pairing and stacking of 24 pairs of shoes.
  • As you're walking out of the school after 'drop-offs' you stumble and look down only to discover that you are wearing two different shoes.... not kidding this really happened. One was a croc and the other was a brown clog.... how???
  • You take out your pony and realize your hair is 6 inches longer than the last time you noticed.
  • You long for kid's week on Jeopardy and cross your finger for the Nickelodeon category.... it's chosen and you whisper, "come to mama", and then sweep the whole column.
  • Whether or not you feel you can jump on a trampoline today.... Depends ;)
  • When you go through a busy day, run errands, chat with peers, and you get home to realize that you have 6 ranbow flower barretts left in your hair.... all in front.
  • You talk opening about your child birthing experiences with strangers.
  • You washed down your last pill by drinking from a pink Disney Princess plastic teacup.
This is the tip of my iceberg.
I'm sure I'll have more to add to this list tomorrow.


Lindy said...

It's been awhile since I've been "mommy" (my youngest is 23) but I recognized so many things on the list! ;)
Welcome to mommy-hood. It's the best time of life, IMHO...

Nicole said...

so happy to have found your blog again. how is the family? travis is going to temple univ. and omes there tomorrow!!! i'd love to see you all sometime.