Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bad Day for Cows

It all started around 6:30am with a series of extremely LOUD moo-s. At about 7:30 I yelled out the window, "I hear you" which doubled the mooing frequency.  I got up, went out and threw 5 flakes of hay in the cow pen.  Before I got back in the house about 60 seconds later the mooing had begun again.  This happened last month, in fact I emailed the breeder about it, when I checked that date and counted up to today it was 21 days... the average length of a cow's cycle. 

I called the A.I. guy and thankfully on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend he was willing to bring the 'goods' over and put them in. The moo-ing continued and it so SOOO LOUD, like at least 3X louder and longer than normal mooing. I put her on the back of our lot to be as far away from neighbors as possible. Good idea right? Wrong.
This is my street.  Look closely. See anything?
Yes, that's right, it's my husband leading our cow home. After our afternoon of shopping we arrived home to find a police man and the animals control officer about 4 blocks from our house holding on to Blackie.  The animal control was not impressed at all.  She had ripped the tether out of the ground and taken off looking for...well, you know.  Somebody caught her, tied her to a stop sign, and called animal control who apparently need police back up.  I got a warning this time and next time will get a fine since livestock on the loose is supposedly a pretty big deal around here.
About 2 hours later she got what she wanted... well not exactly what she wanted, but kind of in an 'end justifies the means' kind of way, got what she wanted. This guys was super fast and really professional and won't let me pay him until we get a positive test back.
Hopefully in 285 days we'll have a 'Good Day for Cows'.

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Heather said...

So Blackie is kind of a hussy eh. Pretty funny the police were called. Hope the AI takes and you get a cute little baby cow of the whole ordeal!