Saturday, September 5, 2009

You've got Quail... (patterned baldness ;)

Yes, you guessed it. Just when you thought our summer couldn't get any more fun, it did. My friend Jeanie lent me an incubator and gave us some quail eggs to hatch. (Such an enabler!) It is so fun and they are just adorable! Here's the blow by blow :o) We got 13 quail eggs total. 6 developed, 1 rotted, and the other 6 didn't develope at
13 Corturnix Quail eggs. Each given a number to keep track of progress. Inucbate 14 days.
On day 14 they all go into the hatcher! Pip, Zip, Pop!

Could you die? How cute is this?

There are 3 babies under the heat lamp and 2 eggs that haven't hatched....yet? This is very fun and exciting. Stay tuned for more hatching posts.... Jeanie also gave us some chicken eggs! :o)-


Auntie-Granny said...

Nothing could possibly be cuter than all this. You are having the funnest time with poultry. Lucky kids to have parents like you!

teresa said...

i love your little quails!

heather said...

I've never seen a baby quail, especially freshly hatched. So cute! I am loving all of the poultry and egg hatching fun you're having!

Gunn said...

What happened to the eglu? Did that work very well? I went to your blog before coming here. Wow, you are quite the little farmer now, huh? Looks like fun.